Survivor Stories

The March of Death

“So, I ran. I ran with countless others into the woods. If we turned back, we would have to go to Potočari, and we were sure the UN would give us up to the Serb army.”

March of Death survivor
Hasan Hasanović
March of Death survivor Hasan Hasanović
(Photo credit: Kristian Skeie)

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Hasan's survival story

Hasan Hasanović

"We were amidst thousands and thousands of men. As far as my eyes could see, there were men walking – from teenagers, to old withered men."

Protected Witness

This story is about a man born in Srebrenica in 1960, who was captured along with other men and transferred to a school in Petkovci, where he witnessed mass executions and murders.

Hasan Hasanović

Not having found all the body parts, Hasan buried him without the skull, one foot, and one hand

Muhamed Memić

"The last time the three of us were together was in the early morning hours of July 11, 1995, in the forest above Kravica"

Nedžad Avdić

Nedžad, who was a boy at the time, told us his story of the harrowing journey from Srebrenica and surviving an execution. After all he endured, he returned to Srebrenica.

Sakib Alić

Mother Havka inquired about her six sons who had set out through the forest. Over time, she would learn that five had died and in November 1995 ...

Mother Nura Alispahić

Mother Nura Alispahić will be remembered as a mother who watched on television as members of the notorious "Scorpions" executed her sixteen-year-old son Azmir.

Mother Mirsada Malagić

At the trial of former Republika Srpska president Radovan Karadžić, witness Mirsada Malagić testified about the loss of her husband, two sons, and two brothers in Srebrenica.

Protected Witness

"He grabbed a pregnant woman by the hair and slit her stomach with a knife, removing two babies ..."

Džemila Delalić

Džemila Delalić lost three sons, three brothers, and, in total, 32 family members in the Srebrenica Genocide.

Zumra Šehomerović

"Don't, why are you taking him, what do you want..."

Amela Mehmedović-Handanović

He kicked me and said, "You're coming with me!"